Takeshi Iwana. Freelancer and web consultant.

I'm Takeshi, a freelance web developer and consultant.

I help people and businesses reach their audience online. Whether it’s a website for gamers or comics, I build responsive and SEO optimized sites using the latest technology. If you're interested in working with me, contact me today or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.



I work with stakeholders, ask meaningful questions, and probe use cases in order to understand the nature of their business and come up with ideas that may bring viable solutions.

Design & Develop

I quickly create mockups using Figma and gather feedback. Once the final mockup has been approved, I begin the development process using the right tools for the job.


Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. I continuously improve on the work that has been done as well as on myself in order to provide better solutions and services.


Takeshi Iwana

The official website of Takeshi Iwana. This website serves the purpose to explore and experiment new technologies and to share my finding about these technologies.
A website I worked on for a client who started a local e-sports company. The website is targeted for gamers who seek high performance and a thrill for competition.
Midnight Massacre is a comic series written by John Matsuya and illustrated by Ben Matsuya. They needed a website to showcase their awesome comics. Check them out!
Ray Vickers Auto Transport is a auto tranportation company in Farmington, NM. The website allows clients to request a quote via a form.
Matsuya creative is the official website of the Matsuya brothers, the creators of Midnight Massacre Comic.
Beverly Smog Check is a small smog inspection company in Hollywood, CA. They needed a website that allows customers learn more about the company and use a coupon to get discounts


calc is a simple and slick calculator for your terminal. This calculator supports the basic operators such as +, -, *, /, as well as the advanced operators %, and ^. In addition, calc also supports scientific notation like 1e4, 2.34e2, etc. Lastly, calc can also print the abstract syntax tree in Lisp format.

Latte is a simple C++ testing framework written inspired Mocha.js.

rust-headless-chrome is an open source project written in Rust that allows developers to use a headless version of Chrome.

  • Window size option (#123)
  • Sandbox option (#124)
  • Chrome paths (#126)

rust-imghdr is an open source project written in Rust that allows developers to determine the type of image contained in a file or byte stream.

  • Support for .ico files (#1)
  • Support for HDR (RGBE) and add missing EXR (#2)

image-base64-rs is an open source project written in Rust that allows developers to convert images from and to base 64.

  • Support for more image file types (#4)